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10 Red Show Choir Dresses

Show choir in red dresses

Image by Josh Plueger, courtesy of Offutt Air Force Base

When you want to make a serious splash onstage, red show choir dresses are a fantastic way to do it. Red is impossible to ignore — which means that these dresses make a big impact on your audience. Whether you’re planning a fun holiday concert or red is one of your school colors, these gorgeous dresses make the perfect finishing touch.

If you’ve ever tried to pick show choir dresses, you know that they need to meet some very specific criteria. Most importantly, they should be comfortable and easy to dance in — you can’t have anything restricting when you’re doing serious choreography! They also need to look great from the audience; usually, that means something sparkly or a dress with a full skirt that moves beautifully. And finally, we love dresses that are flattering for a wide range of body types. It’s so much easier to perform at your best when you feel fantastic.

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1. Kate Kasin: Sequins, Sequins, Sequins

Can you ever have too many sequins when it comes to show choir? Never! This red show choir dress from Kate Kasin is covered in sequins, so it sparkles like crazy every time you move. We love the unusual neckline and armhole openings; they make this dress stand out (you know, in case the sequins weren’t enough). The neck provides plenty of coverage, but is still cut low enough so it’s flattering and doesn’t restrict your breathing — crucial for singers — and the full skirt moves beautifully with every dance move.

The indented cuts in the front and back give you a huge range of motion for dancing. Plus, this dress is SUPER affordable, which is great if singers are paying for their own or if the school is on a tight budget. We love it paired with a pair of classic black or nude character shoes.

2. ANTS Chiffon One Shoulder: Flattering and Moves Beautifully

Chiffon looks so beautiful onstage, and this ANTS dress is no different. The full skirt lays beautifully against your body during slower songs — but the second you move, it floats out in a gorgeous cloud of fabric. Plus, we love how the light filters through the top layer and creates an ethereal look. The one-shoulder design is fantastic for show choirs because it allows full arm movement. We love the wide waistband, which highlights your shape and creates a flattering silhouette. The real surprise, though, is on the back. It laces up, so it’s a breeze to create the perfect shape for any body type.

3. Sarahbridal Red Show Choir Dress: Flattering and Sparkly

This Sarahbridal show choir dress is the best of all worlds. The full skirt flares out perfectly when you spin, and the knee-length cut allows you to move without exposing too much leg. The top is perfect — it’s sleeveless, so it keeps you cool under the spotlight and allows your arms to extend completely. The wide scoop neck is super flattering.

The real beauty in this dress is the sheer overlay. It’s embellished with stunning beading that sparkles under the lights. In the back, the satin fabric dips low, creating a sheer tulle back that’s beautifully embellished. That means that every time you turn, the audience will see nonstop sparkle.

4. DRESSTELLS Vintage V-Neck: 50s-Style Beauty

Do you need a red show choir dress that’s both modest and flattering? This Dresstells piece is the perfect fit. The v-neck dips down low enough to create an ultra-feminine look, but not so low that it reveals too much. The wide, gathered straps make it easy to wear a regular bra, which is fantastic for singers. No weird strapless models! Plus, you can pull down the sides to create cap sleeves for extra coverage.

The most beautiful aspect of this dress is the skirt. It hits below your knees and features a full hem that creates a distinct 1950s vibe. Best of all, the stretchy fabric feels comfortable, even when you’re pushing through an energetic choreography routine.

5. MEILISAY Meilishuo: Stunning Silhouette

This Meilisay dress is one of those styles that just makes you wiggle a little because it’s so pretty. Where do we start? The thick satin fabric, which gleams beautifully under the lights. Then, the wide crystal-studded belt that highlights your shape and adds just the right touch of high-intensity sparkle. Beautiful tabs turn the shoulders into an unexpectedly beautiful design element.

Does your show choir use energetic dance moves? The skirt on this dress is the perfect way to highlight them; it’s double-layered, providing extra movement and flare, Plus, when you turn around, the X-shaped back detailing adds that final wow factor.

6. AiniDress Tulle Crystal: One-of-a-Kind Show Choir Dress

If you seriously want your choir to stand out, this AiniDress dress is the perfect choice. It’s all wow-factor, from the embellished tulle overlay to the glittering rhinestone waist bands. The gently scalloped neckline dips down, adding extra sparkle to this impossibly beautiful dress. In the back, a wide lace-up closure enables each singer to create the right fit for singing.

Be prepared: the sparkle is strong on this dress. The second you step under the lights, it glitters so dramatically that your audience won’t be able to keep from gasping out loud! It has plenty of body on its own, but if you want extra fullness, you can even layer a tulle underskirt. We love this dress for a holiday concert or any time you need to make a huge impact.

7. ELEOSL Flared Dress: Perfect for Spinning

If your show choir is on a budget, this ELEOSL dress can help you get the most for your money. It’s super affordable, but doesn’t look cheap. Plus, with its stretchy fabric construction, it’s super comfortable. We love its simple sleeveless design and full back — you can wear it with a normal bra! We also love the high neckline, which is good for schools that prefer a more modest dress.

The comfort certainly doesn’t come at a lack of style. The top of this dress is embellished with tiny metallic dots that gleam dramatically in the light. The wide waistband is flattering, and the circle skirt makes a huge impact when you spin.

8. JAEDEN Satin: 1950s Sweetheart Glam

Okay. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this Jaeden satin dress. The bright red satin fabric highlights all of the different design detailing, from the pleated bust to the wide waistband. We adore the slight curve to the neckline, which is surprisingly modest. The full skirt gives this dress a distinct touch of 50s glam, and it looks absolutely gorgeous onstage.

On the back, there’s a corset-style lace-up closure. This is a must for a show choir — it allows each singer to get the right fit, and makes it easy to create a little bit of extra breathing room for songs that require intense dancing and breath control. We recommend sizing up one size for the perfect fit!

9. Ellames Beaded Halter: Sparkling Bodice and Tulle Skirt

When you’re outfitting a show choir, there’s just no substitute for sparkle. Rhinestones and gemstones look stunning onstage, especially when you’re performing in competition or in concert. With its beaded top, this Ellames halter dress delivers a huge dose of shine. The halter-style neckline and sheer overlay keeps you covered, and the corset back creates a comfortable fit.

The rhinestone detailing is super-flattering, and the multi-layered tulle skirt moves beautifully during complex choreography. This dress is absolutely beautiful on all body types, too, thanks to the lace-up corset back. (Check out the customer photos in the reviews — it’s so gorgeous on everyone!)

10. Sarahbridal Tulle Dress: The Perfect Red Show Choir Dress

You know how ice skaters always have dresses that flow beautifully each time they move? This Sarahbridal dress is that, but for show choir. Every detail of this dress is tailor-made for the stage. The sheer overlay allows you to move, and the perfectly-placed crystal accents make you literally sparkle when the light hits you. The lightweight fabric moves beautifully, and the multi-layered skirt adds that extra layer of depth to each spin. We love the longer hem and the ultra-flattering style lines.

No matter which dress you choose, it’s crucial to find a style that works for your singers and your budget. Each of these red show choir dresses delivers a dramatic impact that keeps your choir looking their best.

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