About Us

At Theater Love, we know one thing for certain: We. Love. Theater.

Hammerstein to Hamilton.

Macbeth to Maria.

525,600 to 24601.

As our name suggests, we love it all. The straight plays, the musicals, the operas. The sound of the orchestra warming up before curtain. The familiar feeling of a well-worn pair of character shoes. The simultaneous joy and misery of a tech rehearsal that goes until midnight. The camaraderie of the chorus dressing room.

The theater — and the theater community — has given so much to each of us, and we’re eternally and profoundly grateful! We are ardent supporters of the arts, in every form and discipline.

Who Are We?

We are a team of passionate theater enthusiasts. Between us, we’ve covered the entire spectrum of theater roles, from orchestra to stage crew to directors. Our team members have sat on theater advisory boards, served as trustees, and led committees; they’ve worked in arts marketing, organized fundraising concerts, and worked the fly loft in hemp houses. And naturally, we’ve been on stage, in roles ranging from Ensemble Member #19 to leading lady.

We’ve been in the trenches! Now, we’re bringing together the knowledge, wisdom, and insight we’ve gathered over decades into one powerful resource: Theater Love.

We’re so glad you’re here!