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Show Choir Dresses: 5 Sparkly Dresses We Love

Is there anything better than stepping onstage in gorgeous, sparkly show choir dresses? We don’t think so! Show choir is our happy place — seriously, it’s pure joy — and the perfect dress just makes everything better. Whether you’re choosing dresses for your show choir’s holiday show, or you want to make a splash at your next concert, sparkles are definitely the way to go. They make you look great, and they make the audience happy. Perfect!

When it comes to choosing show choir dresses, we look for a few things:

Comfortable: The dresses have to be comfortable enough to move in. That way, your singers can dance, lift their arms, and take a good breath.

Beautiful: The dresses have to make a visual impact. Show choir is all about the visual spectacle, after all, so we love dresses that look stunning on stage. We also love dresses that look gorgeous on every body type, so all of your singers feel amazing.

Movement: Our favorite show choir dresses have gorgeous skirts that move beautifully with every sway or twirl.

So! Here are our favorite show choir dresses with a touch of sparkle.

1. Sarahbridal Show Choir Dress: Tulle Plus Sparkles

You know how ice skaters’ outfits feature sheer tops to make it easier to move? So does this Sarahbridal dress — the sheer top offers extra coverage, but shows off the adorable sweetheart neckline. That way, you can move easily without worrying that your dress is going to slip down during a big show choir finale.

Our favorite part? The sparkle! Glittering rhinestones cascade down the bodice of the dress and onto the skirt, so you shimmer with every move. Plus, it looks gorgeous with character shoes.

The full tulle skirt looks gorgeous, whether your choir is doing a park-and-park ballad or a high-energy dance number with the whole choir. A band of gems at the waist gives you definition. Singing in a hot theater? This dress has an open back to keep you cool. It comes in a wide range of colors (we love the mint!), and is available up to size 16.

2. YiXYiF Skater Dress: Sequins and a Modest Cut

When you want a dress that’s head-turning but still modest, this YiXYiF dress is a fantastic option. The top features a high neck and short sleeves, so you can sing and dance without showing too much skin. A slightly raised waistline hits right at the narrowest section of your midriff, creating a super-flattering shape on most singers in your choir.

Best of all? This dress is covered in sequins, making it the perfect show choir option. It’s perfect for a special concert, a holiday show, or even a show choir competition performance.

You can choose from a gorgeous wine color, a deep black, or an elegant gold. Every color delivers some serious sparkle — plus, we love that the classic look can work for a huge range of performances. If your choir is on a budget, this versatility is a big deal; plus, since the dress is super affordable to start with, it’s an awesome affordable option.

3. Melisay Meilishuo Show Choir Dress: Flattering Shape and Perfect Movement

This Melisay show choir dress takes the classic fit-and-flare style to the next level. We adore the skirt, which features a full design that spins perfectly when you twirl. A sheer overlay adds an extra layer of texture that looks stunning onstage and adds plenty of movement during your dance moves. A wide waistband pulls you in and creates a beautiful shape.

The real beauty, however, is in the bodice. On the front, perfectly placed rhinestones and beads add just the right amount of sparkle. The high neck provides ample coverage without restricting your vocal chords.

When you turn around, the dress dips low in the back for maximum drama. We love the corset back, which makes it easy to create the right fit for any shape. This gorgeous dress comes in sizes up to 22 plus — or, you can get it custom made! There’s a huge range of color options, as well.

4. Engerla Dress: High-Volume Sparkle

HelLO, gorgeous! This Engerla dress will turn heads the second your show choir steps onstage. From the front, the bodice looks like a halter — but when you turn around, it looks more like a classic racer back. Why does that matter? You can wear a halter-style sports bra, which is perfect for intense choreography! The top is embellished with gorgeous sequins, creating a super-flattering shape that looks great on everyone.

The skirt of this dress features a wide flare that balances the fitted top. When you spin, it moves beautifully without exposing too much.

Plus, the satin fabric glimmers beautifully in the light for an awe-inspiring effect onstage. We love that this dress comes in a huge range of sizes (up to 26 plus!) and colors, so you can pick the best option for any choir routine.

5. Changuan Off-the-Shoulder Dress for Show Choir: A Hint of Sparkle and Lots of Shine

Are you looking for just a hint of sparkle but a huge dramatic effect? This Changuan dress will make your show choir shine onstage. It’s made from a sleek, satiny fabric that gleams beautifully in the spotlight. A jeweled belt adds an elegant sparkle that’s perfect for a formal event, a holiday concert, or a special benefit performance. This dress comes in a wide range of colors and sizes up to 26 plus, so it’s easy to find the right option for every singer in your choir.

This dress features a lovely off-the-shoulder neckline with a wide sleeve, so it’s flattering and easy to move in.

The back features a lace-up corset closure, so you can adjust the dress to create the perfect fit for your body. Plus, the beautiful satin lacing adds a touch of drama with every spin. We also love that the hem is slightly long, so the dress keeps you covered during high-energy choreography.

When it comes to choosing a dress for your show choir, a little sparkle never hurts! Each one of these show choir dresses is guaranteed to add a dramatic, glittering finish that highlights your dance moves and helps you look your best onstage.

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