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10 Soprano Musical Theatre Songs

musical theatre songs for sopranos

When it comes to finding audition songs, sopranos are hardly hurting — after all, soprano songs make up a good chunk of the Broadway canon. But, if you’ve been to any auditions or concerts lately, you know that singers tend to gravitate toward the same pieces. (please, please, no more Wicked) If you want to stand out from the crowd (and avoid dying from boredom), you need new songs!

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We’re in the same boat — we have quite a few sopranos here at Theater Love, and we’re always on the lookout for new musical theatre songs. So, as we research new concert and audition songs, we’re writing them down. Here are a few we’ve found lately. Let us know if you have more suggestions!

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We’re also including links to the sheet music for each of these musical theatre songs for sopranos. Some of them are affiliate links, which means that if you buy through the link, we might get a small commission to keep Theater Love running. (No extra cost to you, of course.)

1. For sopranos with great emotional range: “She’s Not Me”

So, when you’re looking for soprano audition songs, Sierra Boggess is the natural place to start. We love her, and we love this song! For the most part, it sits in a super-comfortable range — and then it lifts into the most beautiful, floaty notes that will have your audience holding their breath.

This song is a great option for a soprano with a good singing range — and a great emotional range. It’s equal parts introspective and ebullient, which makes it the perfect audition song for a soprano. Plus, there’s practically zero chance that anyone else at your audition will be singing the same thing!

Get the sheet music on the composer Michael Mott’s website.

2. A musical theatre song that wows your audience: “Flight”

Here at Theater Love, we are big fat fans of this song. It’s unbelievably versatile — we love it as a duet for two women, as a tenor solo, and we think it’s one of the best best audition songs for sopranos out there. It starts out quietly, drawing your listeners in right away. Then, it explodes into the most gorgeous, soaring runs.

To be honest, we couldn’t find a solo soprano version that we loved on YouTube! (which pretty much means that you should be singing it, because no one else will, and you’ll give a great audition) Instead, here’s Nic Rouleau. He’s a pretty high tenor, so the notes translate nicely to a soprano range.

Sheet music for “Flight” (digital download)

3. When you want to stand out at an audition: “Sleepy Man”

Have you ever seen a production of The Robber Bridegroom? Neither have we. That means that this song is a great piece if you want something unexpected. All of the footage we could find is pretty dated (Idina even sang it back in the day). It has a lovely lullaby feel, and we love that it’s not super predictable. Plus, we guarantee that none of the other sopranos in the room will be singing the same thing.

If you’ve ever heard “Moonshine Lullaby” from Annie, Get Your Gun, this song might feel familiar. It has that same folksy, soothing feeling — and even an optional male backup. We’d love to hear it as a quiet moment in the middle of a concert.

Get the sheet music for The Robber Bridegroom

4. For a soprano with life experience: “I Won’t Mind”

This piece, which was written by Jeff Blumenkrantz, is from a musical that was never finished. It’s a heartbreaker — you think you know what’s happening in the beginning, and then it takes a completely unexpected turn. If you need to show emotional range during an audition, this is the piece for you. Be warned: this is a musical theatre song for a singer with some life experience.

The trick to mastering this song? Subtlety. In the hands of a gifted soprano (see Audra above), the emotional shift happens so quietly that the listeners don’t realize what’s happened right away. And when it hits them, it’s so sad and beautiful that you might just see a few tears. (Seriously — we get choked up trying to get through it!) But if you can pull it off, it’s so, so powerful.

Sheet music for “I Won’t Mind” (and other Audra songs!)

5. To show off your singing flexibility: “Come to My Garden”

Are your soprano pipes in good shape? Give them a workout with this sweet song from the musical The Secret Garden. It’s deceptively simple — and then you come to those low note/high note jumps! This one requires a flexible voice and great technique.

Our favorite part? That gorgeous build in the middle of the piece (right around 3:30 in the video below), followed by the chance to open up your voice. The contrast between the quiet, soft notes and the dramatic high notes is so lovely. Now, technically this is a duet — we love how Sierra Boggess handles it here with the cellist.

Sheet music for “Come to My Garden”

6. When you want that Golden Age of Broadway sound: “Will You?”

Oh, Christine Ebersole, we love you. This piece has some serious Judy Garland and Julie Andrews vibes — the perfect musical theatre piece for all of you legit sopranos out there. We’re seeing it paired with a vintage gown at an evening recital. Or, use it to audition for any of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, or shows like My Fair Lady and The Secret Garden.

It’s no secret that the current Broadway landscape is kind of bare for legit sopranos. But ladies, if you’re tired of the screlting, this is a great song choice!

As a bonus, here’s Christine Ebersole singing “Will You” onstage.

Sheet music for “Will You?”

7. A musical theatre song for a badass soprano: “Woman”

You know how some musical theatre songs for sopranos are so melodic, they instantly draw you in? This is one of them. It’s got such powerful lyrics — ones that are, unfortunately, still ringing true. We love the badass girl power vibe, and also that it works for belters and legit sopranos alike. Belt the power notes or bust your biggest vibrato — it’s beautiful either way!

“Woman” has music by Claude-Michel Schönberg and lyrics by Alain Boublil…sound familiar? That’s because these are the same guys who wrote Les Mis. You could easily use this song as an audition piece for Les Mis, especially if you’re going for Eponine. (For Fantine, go a little more legit with a hint of belt.) It shows off your emotional strength, which is ideal when you’re auditioning for a musical with a strong female lead.

Sheet music for “Woman” (digital download!)

8. For a subtle touch of jazz: “When I Look at You”

Okay, so some recordings of this song have that 80s Chess feeling. But — look past that, and you have a song that’s a little jazzy in the beginning (that tinkly piano backing!), with a good build to a killer belt opportunity. We love what Laura Osnes does with the song at Birdland. If you’re not a belter, it could certainly work if you just kept the jazz vibe and just built the emotion.

For this soprano song, you really need the entire piece to get the story. You could add it into a concert lineup, or perform it in a recital. We’re picturing it in a room with low light — just you and the piano. Amazing!

Sheet music for “When I Look at You”

9. When you want that delicious Bernstein feel: “A Little Bit in Love”

There’s one thing for certain: Leonard Bernstein knows how to write soprano songs. This song is no different! It’s fun, lighthearted, and it moves quickly. We love the transition from the words to the “mmm” — it’s so satisfying and feels so indulgent to sing! This piece sits right in a soprano’s comfort range.

Need an audition song? This one is ideal when you need to show off your ability to sing something other than a ballad. Plus, the text gives plenty of room to show your acting skills — the subtle kind. It seems simple, but this can be an incredibly challenging piece. It doesn’t require any physical staging — the acting is all in your face, your voice, and your presence. So much fun!

Sheet music for “A Little Bit in Love”

All vocal selections from Wonderful Town

10. The most unexpected of all soprano audition songs: “Stars”

Okay, bear with us — yes, this song is written for baritones. But, when looking for songs for a miscast concert, one of our Theater Love sopranos tried this piece out as a joke. She has a strong mid-range, and the sound that came out of her was massive! The intense moments of Stars sit right in the loudest, strongest, most gorgeous part of a soprano’s voice — you might find that you suddenly have a huge, resonant tone with absolutely zero effort. Amazing!

So. If you’re a soprano with a nice, beefy low-to-middle range (as in, you have a seriously strong F-D on the staff), give this piece a try. We think it’ll become one of your favorite audition songs in no time! Keep it in the original key, or if you’re a higher soprano, maybe adjust it up a few steps. (Listen to Sierra Boggess singing it here; she has a stronger high range, and the lower notes just don’t get the same resonance. She would have benefited from raising the key.)

Plus, it’s ridiculously fun to sing, and there’s the novelty factor of a soprano singing such a well-known male song. The audience will be delighted. Sing it, and if you do, send us the clip!

Sheet music for “Stars” (digital download!)

Do you have any other favorite soprano audition songs? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to check out our top 5 comedic songs for legit sopranos.