13 Julie Andrews Memes to Soothe Your Soul

Julie Andrews

If you love Julie Andrews as much as we do — and since you’re here at Theater Love, we’re guessing you do — you can never have too many Julie Andrews memes in your life. And to no one’s surprise, the internet has delivered! These are the Julie memes we’re loving most right now:

Top image courtesy of Classic_Movie_Gals under CC BY 2.0

1. Julie Andrews + Stephen Colbert!

2. You’re going to be singing this meme all day

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3. We’re not crying, you’re crying

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4. A Julie Andrews meme for all the singers out there

5. Julie Andrews, droppin’ gems

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6. Can we get an amen?

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7. Julie Andrews can tell us anything she wants to

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8. Does anyone else do it so gracefully? We don’t think so.

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9. Who thinks of these things??

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10. Maybe we’ll even do a few dance moves on the treadmill…

11. A-MEN. Broadway, if ever you listened to our favorite Julie Andrews memes, make it this one!

12. Try singing it; you’ll never stop!

13. A little Julie Andrews love to get you through audition season

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