12 Alto Belt Songs

female singer performing one of the great alto belt songs

Contemporary musical theater is littered with belt roles. Unlike traditional shows, modern musicals have plenty of alto roles — and that means more alto belt songs for you! No matter what your voice part, these low-pitched songs are a fun opportunity to stretch your voice. After all, the lower notes are easy to wail out; just make sure to do it with proper technique!

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Whether you’re a brand-new belter or you have a natural talent, these alto belting songs give you plenty to work on.

Top image courtesy of Richard Termine under CC BY 2.0

1. “I’d Give My Life for You” from Miss Saigon

2. “Woman” from The Pirate Queen

How often do you get musical theater roles that are low enough for an alto? Not often — that’s one of the reasons we love “Woman”. It’s incredibly varied, giving low-voice female singers a chance to show off their legit and belting sounds. The melody is stunning, so your audience will be on board right away, even if they’ve never heard it before.

3. “Dead Girl Walking” from Heathers

4. “Meadowlark” from The Baker’s Wife

5. “A Girl Before” from American Psycho

6.”Shy” from Once Upon a Mattress

How cute is this alto belt song? It’s from the 1959 musical Once Upon a Mattress — and fun fact, Sarah Jessica Parker sang it on Broadway once upon a time.

7. “Easy as Life” from Aida

8. “Last Midnight” from Into the Woods

9. “The Mad Hatter” from Wonderland

10. “Good Morning Baltimore” from Hairspray

11. “The History of Wrong Guys” from Kinky Boots

If you want a song that gives you room to act, “The History of Wrong Guys” is a great choice. Seriously — watch Annaleigh Ashford nail the physical/facial comedy here. (she’s a comedic genius)

12. “On My Own” from Les Misérables – The Most Popular of the Alto Belt Songs

Yeah, yeah, everyone will tell you it’s overdone — but “On My Own” is popular for a reason! It’s so much fun to sing. You probably shouldn’t be trying to sing this song for a professional audition, but if you’re performing or doing community theater/high school theater, knock yourself out! Just remember, this is one of the best-known alto belt songs in the entire musical theater canon, so make sure you can belt your face off.

What are some of your favorite alto belting songs? Contact us and we’ll add them to the list!