11 Actor Websites Built with Squarespace

laptop to build actor websites in Squarespace

When you make your living in the theater, actor websites are a must. After all, you don’t have an office; your website is the place that potential collaborators can go to learn about you. A beautiful, well-made site gives you a professional image right off the bat — something every director wants in an actor.

Plus, a website is a great place to show off your headshots, resume, and video clips!

Don’t know anything about building websites? No worries — that’s where Squarespace comes in. In the hundreds of actor websites we combed through to make this list, Squarespace was by far the most popular building tool. Here are some of the best actor website examples; check out the performers who are using this service to maintain beautiful sites:

1. Sierra Boggess

Personal branding is everything these days, and no one knows this better than Sierra Boggess. With her beautiful Squarespace website, the actress reinforces her signature “you are enough” mantra — something her fans recognize immediately. We love that Boggess’ personality shows through in every aspect of the site, from the colors to the video clips on the front page.

If you’re an actor, you also know that side jobs are a way of life. Boggess smartly uses her website to promote her side gigs, which include teaching and selling “Light Lesson” cards.

2. Ruthie Ann Miles

With its big, dramatic hero image, Ruthie Ann Miles’ Squarespace website makes a splash right off the bat. We love that it’s not the typical headshot — instead, it’s an emotional and evocative image that instantly captures your attention.

On this actor website, all you need to do is scroll to find everything you need. Miles’ bio is clearly visible, along with a large selection of still images and videos. Best of all, when you click one, it expands in a lightbox. That means that you can go right back to the page you were on without clicking too many times.

3. Allison Linker

Talk about visual navigation! This actor website uses headshots as navigation buttons — a great way to make sure that visitors see different looks, no matter where they go.

Another thing we love? The colored letters in Linker’s name. Most actors don’t bother to come up with a logo for their personal brand, but this is a great option. Be sure to click through to the Media page; the embedded players make it super easy to listen to clips or play a video.

4. Laura Benanti

Sooo…if Laura Benanti (or her web designer) uses Squarespace to make her website, we should all do the same, right? Although this Broadway star needs no introduction, her website does a great job of keeping fans up to date on upcoming performances.

Benanti’s site takes a different approach to the full-photo layout. To make sure that viewers see key information above the fold (visible on the screen before scrolling), it uses a photo header. Smart! If you’re a Benanti fan, make sure to look at the Gallery page for some gems from past productions.

5. Siobhan Dillon

Siobhan Dillion integrates multimedia into her Squarespace website — you can listen to clips of her recordings and watch YouTube videos of her performances right from the home page. Note that instead of “about”, Siobhan uses a “Siobhan’s Story” link; it’s much more compelling (and so is her remarkable story!).

We like the Gallery page — instead of waiting for a bunch of tiny thumbnails to load, you can simply scroll through a few simple photo galleries.

6. Rebecca Hurd

Seeing a pattern here? The full-photo website layout is a distinct trend among actors and actresses! This page doesn’t scroll; you need to click on the top navigation bar to go deeper into the site.

One thing we really like about this Squarespace layout is the Gallery page. You can click on each photo to see a larger version in the lightbox; then, when you roll over the image, a caption appears. Great functionality!

7. Carey Cox

Now this is an actor website that captures your interest right away. It starts with the photo, which extends behind the navigation and Cox’ name. This is a choice that works only if you have the right photo — specifically, one that has a simple background.

When you scroll, you’re immediately presented with information: Cox brands herself as an actress, comedian, and writer. Why does that matter? You know who she is and what she brings to the table right away. Then, there’s a short bio and information on recent projects to draw in viewers.

8. Laura Savage

Here’s another website for an actress that uses a full-height photo. We’re also interested by the empty space at the right side of the page; it draws your eye in that direction and helps you focus on the navigation links.

If you’re in the theater, you know how much power video can have — and also how difficult it can be to get legal, fully licensed footage that you’re free to share! That’s why Savage’s Reels page is so effective. The video frame is large, so it draws you in immediately.

9. Alexandra Silber

Like Benanti, Alexandra Silber uses a photo header to ensure that key website information is visible right away. Smartly, she also puts a descriptive press quote front and center. This helps viewers understand who she is as an actress right away.

Silber uses her Squarespace website to promote the other parts of her brand — namely, her books and teaching.

10. Aaron Galligan-Stierle

This actor, who’s known for his regional work, has opted for an ultra-simple actor website. Like Silber, he allows quotes from reviews to speak for themselves.

And then, you reach the bio. This is where Galligan-Stierle shines. He doesn’t do anything fancy — just gives an overview of his impressive career. By the time you’re two paragraphs in, you know he’s the real deal!

11. Cassie Slater

On her Squarespace actor website, Cassie Slater makes it easy for visitors to pick their route. You don’t have to wonder where to find her photos or clips — they’re all right there in the top navigation! That’s so handy, especially for the busy people of the internet. (Short, short attention spans.)

Another thing Slater does well is let users know that there’s no scrolling. How? She uses a small photo, so you know there’s nothing down below. This is a small thing, but it can go a long way toward reducing frustration.

Tips for Making Beautiful Actor Websites in Squarespace

As you check out all of these actor website examples, you’ll notice that many of them have a few things in common. Follow their lead, and do the following things to make your website more compelling for casting agents and industry contacts:

  • Use a photo-heavy layout: Acting is a highly visual business — fairly or not, directors and casting directors rely on your look. That’s why you’ll notice that many of the Squarespace website above use photo-heavy templates. It puts you front and center; plus, it’s another way to make the most of your headshot investment!
  • Credit your photographer: This is just common sense, but you should always, always give credit to the photographer. This is particularly true for your headshots, but it also applies to still images from past productions. If you’re not sure, shoot an email to the theater and ask for permission to use the image; you can also ask how to credit the photographer.
  • Make a custom favicon: The favicon is the tiny image that appears next to the name of your actor website in the web browser tab. If you don’t upload your own, Squarespace uses its signature grey cube. It’s boring and it says nothing about you as an actor!
  • Update frequently: Have you ever stumbled upon an actor website, only to discover that it’s filled with news items from 2019? That’s an instant red flag — it makes it look like the performer has quit the business. Always keep your website current; if you’re not performing in anything, add a short post about classes, teaching, or other activities.

Do you have a website for your theater career? What tool do you use to build it? Or, if you’ve used Squarespace to build actor websites, how do you like it?