15 Hamilton Memes We Can’t Get Enough Of

The father of all Hamilton memes, Lin Manuel Miranda

From the moment the Hamilton soundtrack dropped (how has it been FOUR YEARS), we at Theater Love have been not-so-low-key obsessed with Hamilton memes. Whether they’re funny or heartbreaking — or, even better, when they meet our other favorites (see #7 and #14) — we can’t stop searching. (And sharing; the TL group text is out of control.)

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Whether you’re a serious Hamilfan, or you’re just getting into Lin Manuel Miranda’s glorious masterpiece, these Hamilton memes can get you through the day.

Top image courtesy of Steve Jurvetson under CC BY 2.0

1. This is how we want all of our directions from now on

Hamilton meme with Lin Manuel Miranda

“Lin-Manuel Miranda”by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Don’t ever ever take a road trip with us…

…unless you can keep up with the Hamilton concert!

3. A Hamilton meme for that aunt who just wants to know if you’re dating

Sorry, auntie! Check back when you find us a serious Hamilton fan.

4. Um, yes please!

Or maybe we just spend it all on Hamilton tickets so we can go again and again and again…

5. Lin Manuel Miranda, always breaking our hearts

Remember your first time, when you were NOT PREPARED?

6. Oh, Eliza

7. Hamilton meets The Office and we are dead

It’s our musical theater and TV loves coming together in one Hamilton meme and we can’t get enough!

8. A Hamilton meme for anyone who goes through this Every. Single. Time.

I mean, we know everyone loves Hamilton — but there’s no way they love it as much as we do! We’re willing to go to the mat on that.

9. Text us back already!

Hamilton (and Hamilton memes) are applicable in every aspect of our lives.

10. Two of our favorite musicals meet in a meme and it’s just perfect

11. Why you gotta be like that?

12. Hamilton fans, have you tried this? Death by Lin Manuel

So beautiful. So exhausting. So brutal on the vocal chords. But we are determined!

13. If all teachers could just use Hamilton examples, school would be so much more fun!

Hamilton memes can teach us about English, and history, and music…see, no need for textbooks! (Just kidding. But seriously, teachers, listen up)

14. Lin Manuel is genius. Mona Lisa is genius. And so is this meme about Hamilton.

Is there a genius out there who can make more Hamilton-meets-Parks-and-Rec memes? Because we need them.

15. We were scrolling through a million Hamilton memes, so…

High school. College. Work. It never ends! Maybe we should look at fewer memes about Hamilton?


Have you seen any amazing memes lately? Drop them in the comments — we all need more Hamilton memes in our lives!