10 More Female Musical Theatre Duets

So you need musical theatre duets female? We’ve got you covered! We love Broadway duets for women here at Theater Love — and, since our team members perform often, we keep a running list of song ideas.

Before picking these songs, we ask two questions: Is this duet strong enough to stand on its own? Will our audience enjoy listening? These 10 Broadway duets all fit the bill.

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Top image courtesy of The Drama League under CC BY 2.0

1. “I Could Always Go To You” from Personals

A lovely combination of beautiful harmonies and cute humor, this is one of those female duets that charms audiences in the beginning — and then delivers a fun twist. (Plus, how much do we love the word “bullshit” in the middle of a song?) As a bonus, it doesn’t require much staging.

2. “Marry the Man Today” from Guys and Dolls

Do you have two great actresses who are looking for a song? This is one of those adorable Broadway female duets that are a great opportunity to establish characters. There’s plenty of of opportunity for hilarious facial expressions and fun song staging.

“Marry the Man Today” sheet music

3. “Three Bedroom House” from Bat Boy

This Broadway song grabs listeners from the beginning with its fast pace and catchy vibe. If you’re looking for something that an audience hasn’t heard before, it’s the perfect choice — it’s rarely done in concert! If your singers have great chemistry, it can be a showstopper.

4.” Sisters” from White Christmas

Want to add a little vintage Broadway charm to your concert lineup? You can never go wrong with the song “Sisters” from White Christmas. It’s always adorable, and if you like, you can go all out with some retro dresses and dance moves to complete the song. (Skip to 0:50 in the video below.)

“Sisters” from White Christmas sheet music (digital download!)

5. “Some Things Are Meant to Be” from Little Women

Sometimes, you need a quiet musical moment in the middle of a busy concert. This little duet is perfect for that. It’s small and peaceful, and it won’t take away from the big Broadway songs that come before and after it.

Sheet music for Some Things Are Meant to Be (digital download!)

6. “The Stepsisters’ Lament”

On the other end of the “two sisters” song spectrum is “The Stepsisters’ Lament”. A fantastic opportunity for humor, it’s the perfect way to lighten a concert lineup that’s packed with theatre ballads. Take it up a notch with simple staging, and let your ridiculous facial expressions fly. (Also, Audra!)

“The Stepsisters’ Lament” sheet music (digital download!)

7. “River Deep, Mountain High”

Okay, so it’s not technically a musical theatre duet, but it is one of the songs from Glee, so it’s practically the same thing. When you have two women who can seriously belt it out, this song will steal the show. Bonus? Round up a little band with a brass section.

Sheet Music Plus Home Page 2

“River Deep, Mountain High” sheet music piano/vocal (digital download!)

“River Deep, Mountain High” sheet music with big band (digital download!)

8. “Cat Duet”

This one isn’t one of our beloved Broadway, songs either, but it has some serious theatricality that fits right into a musical theatre recital. This song is the perfect way to work two female opera singers into your lineup, and it’s guaranteed to leave listeners smiling.

“Cat Duet” sheet music (digital download!)

9. “Bosom Buddies”

Need a Broadway duet for two altos? This is one of the best duets from musicals. It’s got a comfortable, low range — and plenty of speak-singing. It’s a song that’s usually performed by older actresses, but any two women with confidence and sparky chemistry can pull it off.

“Bosom Buddies” duet sheet music (digital download!)

10. “You Love Who You Love”

A little country, a little Broadway, a hint of belting — this duet for two women is an unexpected addition to a musical theater concert. It has some really lovely moments of harmony and unison, and in the hands of the right singers, can be one of the most beautiful mid-show musical duets.

We want to know — what are your musical theater duets at the moment? What song are you singing for auditions?